Monday, November 23, 2015

#Pets in #Heaven

Yet again this cold and deathly fall I am touched by the sorrow of lose of death. This deathly season I put my beloved best friend my big dog to rest.
She was very sick with complications of diabetes, blindness and arthritis. Though I selfishly did all I could to keep her going  I had to give in and relieve her suffering and send her to heaven despite my broken heart and endless tears. Live happy in heaven my precious love.
Over the last five years my life has been deeply touched by catastrophic illness, lose and death.
As I look back over those five years it seems odd that all those things began after #Taryn #Smerecki touched my life, with her lies and scams of having cancer, diabetes and her lies of her mom having cancer. Although I admit there were some good things that came from her influence on my life.
I am sure all these pains would have touched my life despite the influence of a heartless person like #Taryn Smerecki #wedding planner, but it is ironic that they began with her using me for fun and games.
Play ball with grandpa and enjoy the the love of god my precious dog, my heart is broken with the lose of your unconditional pure love. Till I see you again in heaven.